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We first heard of the Etudes boys through their previous venture Hixsept.

Needless to say we were pretty excited when we bumped into them in Paris last year and they had these beautiful little blue zines to show us. We immediately snapped up as many as we could fit in our suitcases and ran back to London with our blue bounty!

Obviously when they told us that in fact, these little blue zines had given birth to something quite different our ears pricked up…

A whole new artist led clothing label, founded on a deep appreciation for collaboration and a love for the artists work in the purest sense.

We had to have it. We had to share it with you.

Introducing… ÉTUDES!

You’re known primarily for your work in graphic design and publishing, do you find the creative process different when designing clothing? If so, in what way do you think they differ?

In terms of designs proces it is pretty much the same, what differs is that we create the full collection ourself with some collaboration with artists than for the book it is mostly collaboration with photographers work that we will publish and not our own work. Also regarding designing clothing the importance of the fabric, and factories you are in contact with might direct your creative choices.


When designing the collection, was there a character that you had in mind? If so, who were they?

Not particular character this time.

The Études N°1 collection is a fresh start which combines experimentation and timelessness. It was created as a patchwork of different influences, both traditional and contemporary.

The lookbook is beautiful, it’s one of the things that first caught our eye when we saw what you guys were doing. What is the story behind the shoot? 

One of the main idea behind the shoot was to hold still time for a little while.

The space made up of angles and broken walls without a view onto the outside symbolizes a non-place; the rare objects and clothes become the only landmarks of a mirage-like view.

These images materialize a field open to experimentation where anything seems possible.

Designers are often inispired, sometimes unintentionally or more consciously by their surroundings. How do you think Paris has influnenced your creative vision?

Actually we are based in Paris and New York, we have studio’s in the 2 cities. Our ideas and influences come from both sides and the space in between might be the result of the collection.


What’s your favourite species of plant? 

Succulent plants.


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