Peter Jensen & Will Broome

We were lucky enough to catch a few minutes with the illusive illustrator behind the new collaborative series that our favourite Dalston dwelling Dane, Mr Peter Jensen has launched this season…

Discover the collections here:

Mens / Womens 

MJ designer(photography by Robi Rodriguez) 

How did you get started in illustration?

Believe it or not, I studied fashion design originally. I went to St. Martins in the early/mid 1990’s…so I’m part of the halcyon days, the ‘golden generation’ they were all there: Hussein Chalayan, Katie Grand, Stella, Phoebe Philo, Matthew Williamson, Tony Beradi, Giles, Luella, Lee McQueen, Sarah Burton…and me of course

There were other people better than that lot, but some of them went mad or did other stuff in the end

After I’d finished the MA I decided that I didn’t really like making clothes very much which wasn’t very clever considering I’d just left the most prestigious fashion course in the world. In fact, at the time, I don’t think I liked fashion or anyone involved in it. I’d been at St. Martins for like 6-7 years, you get less time in jail for murder.

I had a brief spell as a landscaper post college, during my ‘I hate fashion and everyone involved in fashion’ phase. Then out of a blue a friend of mine asked me to do some drawings so it started from there. So, I drifted into it, it was a gradual process.

How did you and peter cross paths? How did the collaboration come about?

 I know Peter through the late, great Professor Louise Wilson and the St. Martins MA course. I think he was a couple of years above me on the MA actually. He just asked, and I said ‘yeah OK, cool’

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How has this collaboration differed from previous collaborations within the fashion world?

 I’m a bit spoilt, people usually leave me to get on with doing what I do and Peter said I could do what I wanted, at least I think he did

Did you look at anything in particular when working on this project, was there anything that inspired this collaboration specifically?

 Not really. I don’t really work like that. I try not to look at too many things, it gets confusing. I definitely wanted to keep his trademark rabbit intact, but just to vandalize it a bit. In the nicest possible way of course

You’ve got an enviable client list that many would kill for! Is there anyone you’d still love to work with?

Ummmm. I am in the process of doing a cartoon at the moment, which is taking FOREVER. It’s the longest gestation period of any project I have ever done. It’ll be worth it in the end, it’s really good and very funny, even if I say so myself.

Stussy would be good. Nike would be good. Adidas would be good. Skateboards would be good. Maybe some sort of film collaboration, or to work with photographers to create images for shoots or something? If it’s interesting, and I like them I’m open to all sorts. Not just fashion

I really liked the ‘collision’ when I worked with Wedgwood. I’d like to do something similar with another ‘heritage’ brand like that? I like the collaborative element of projects I have done, the exchange of ideas is something that I enjoy.

However alongside all that collaboration stuff I think that I might start focusing on Will Broome for Will Broome as opposed to Will Broome for xyz. So keep a look out for that

 Can you tell us a little bit about your process? What’s the first thing you do when you start working on a project like this?

 It’s very simple. I don’t use the computer, I just draw….and draw more. Then I edit those drawings or perhaps I might ‘Frankenstein’ the elements I like together and the final thing evolves via that process

You’re an avid fan of cycling, if you could cycle off to anywhere, where would it be?

 I love cycling. I played a lot of team sports when I was younger and ‘buff’. I was very good at rugby, and football. I enjoyed the camaraderie. I liked being part of a team. I think I was the world’s first rugby playing St. Martins fashion student.

Now I’m old and fat – which is unfortunate for people who see me in my Lycra ‘costume’ – I like the solitude of cycling. I enjoy being on my own, which is something I used to hate. Even if I am riding in a group I don’t like talking to anyone. Bit rude I know.

I like burying myself. I like turning myself inside out.

I could be cycling up a mountain in Mallorca thinking ‘I might be sick’ whilst I swear at myself and the bike I think ‘what am I doing this. This is AWFUL. I want to throw the bike of a cliff, but there’s something weirdly enjoyable about all that.

I’ve got 2 bikes. I ride a stupid Nelson Pista fixed gear track bike, which is my everyday bike and a beautiful Condor Leggero, which is my road bike. If I lost about 5 stone I’d be a brilliant cyclist.

In terms of where I’d like to cycle. I go to Mallorca every year, which is great. My parents live in The Peak District so I cycle there; it’s harder than Mallorca. I think like any cyclist I’d love to try to attempt some of the iconic Tour de France climbs.

What item can’t you leave the house without?

If my daughter is with me, I try to make sure I don’t forget her. But probably my phone. Tragic isn’t it? My social media habit is off the scale, I should try to do something about it….like leave my iphone at home or SMASH it into 1000 pieces.


What’s your favourite plant?

I’m a big fan of Piet Oudolf and the way he plants. But you need a BIG space to make that work.

I do like a Verbena Bonariensis